Features abilities of beerthirty

BeerThirty offers robust features to enhance your craft beer experience. We know how frustrating it can be getting an outdated beer menu and finding out the one beer you’re most excited about is no longer available. With our integration into the establishments work flow, we make it easier for them to display an accurate representation of their beer selection.

Check out your local area and see what’s available on draft. While you’re exploring you can also see what beers other people have had there and how they rated it.


As awesome as craft beer is, what’s equally as awesome is the story behind it. Our explore feature will tell you where to find beer but it also tells you some information about it, like ABV, IBU and brewery description.


Check in with a beer and rate it so, not only will you remember all the beers you tried but you'll also remember if you liked it.


If you’re just researching some beers and want to have easy access to it in the future or have that one bar that always has great beer, just add it to your favorites and its there when you need it.


Drinking is more fun with friends. Invite your friends to BeerThirty and follow them to see what beers they're checking out. You can also share your check-ins on Facebook and Twitter.