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The beer menu’s were constantly out of date, the staff wasn’t very knowledgable and no one says they had to be, but there had to be a better way...”
- Chas ValesFounder, BeerThirty
How this BeerThirty thing came to be.

We’ve all been in that situation, where you ask for a beer menu and you’re presented with a menu that was printed last Thursday and here it is Wednesday and you spot a craft beer you’d like to try only to find out (after your server goes to check) that this beer is no longer available. For some people that’s no big deal for other people it could ruin your day. Regardless of the type of person you are that sort of thing is annoying at the least. Queue BeerThirty. This was the driving force behind the movement that today is BeerThirty. As a craft beer enthusiast, Founder and CEO, Chas Vales had experienced this scenario on several occasions and felt something had to be done because not only was it frustrating to the consumer but it could potentially cost the business money.

In addition to this problem he saw that the restaurants/bars he frequented typically carried the same few select craft beers and although there was a variety there were a lot of repeats. This is where the big idea of the mobile application came in, “wouldn’t it be nice if you could see what a place had on tap before you got there, or even better find a place that has the beer you’re looking for...?” and so he began developing this idea.

After several beta test, targeting beer drinkers and beer suppliers there was enough data to start the full on production and change the way people enjoy craft beers.