Every beer topic for every beer lover

Every beer topic for every beer lover.

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We were inspired to start the blog in 2017. We began writing blogs here and there in 2019. We are on a mission to cover every beer topic and answer all beer lovers’ questions.

Treat yourself to some good content prepared to cover all your beer questions!

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Our Beer Team of Writers

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Pete Peterson

Experienced content writer, travel lover and craft beer enthusiast. Creativity is the key to a happy life. I love a classic Guinness at any time of the year.

Marcus Graves

Marcus Graves

As a musician by education, I cherish all types of art including beer mastering. I got involved in homebrewing and built a career in writing around my hobby.

Julia Sons

Julia Sons

I go by this saying: “I will only drink beer two times a year: when it’s raining & when it’s not.” I love beer in any shape and form (even in a written one).